New member fee structure and payment plan for 2017 and beyond. 

Year 1: $1,375

Year 2: $1,375

Year 3: $1,370

TOTAL: $4,120

This new member fee structure includes all of the fees listed on the right.  From the 4th year forward, members only pay an annual dues amount.

Membership Fee 

a one-time refundable fee which is equity in the Club and is refundable in full when the membership is terminated for any reason after three years of membership;

Capital Improvement Fee

a one-time, nonrefundable fee which goes to the Capital Improvement Fund to cover improvements to Club facilities as they are deemed necessary by the Board of Directors;

Initiation Fee

a one-time, nonrefundable fee for all new members;

Annual Dues 

an annual fee, the amount of dues is established yearly by the Board of Directors based upon the operating budget. Members are advised by newsletter and billed accordingly.

The first three years of HSC fees for a new member include an initiation fee, a capital improvement fee, facility improvement fee, maintenance fee and annual member dues as well as a refundable equity contribution. A $545 refundable equity contribution is ONLY refundable after the third year of paid fees.  Subsequent years, after year 3, member fees include the annual family dues, annual maintenance fee and facility improvement fee. (For 2017, for example, this is $900 + any guest fees.)

Alternatively, new members may chose to pay $2,320, thus paying all the one-time fees in year one.  Thereafter, the standard annual family dues, annual maintenance fee & facility improvement fee would be due as paid by all family members. For 2017 this is $900 + any guest fees.)

Membership Limits

Membership in the Hamlet Swim Club is limited to ensure usage of Club facilities stays at a comfortable and manageable level. 

Family memberships are limited to 415, among which adult memberships (for one- or two-person, adult-only households) are limited to fifty.

 If you wish to join or have questions about membership, please email

Additional dues include:

Annual Maintenance Fee

an annual charge for property maintenance

Renovation Assessment

As a result of an extensive renovation of the bath house, the club secured a 10-year loan. This results in an additional $200 cost to the members ($100 for adult memberships) until the loan is paid in full (2020). Note: this fee is included for new members in their Capital Improvement fee.

Guest Policy

Guests are visitors who are living in your house for less than two months, or are not living in your house at all. They do not need to be related to you.
There is a charge for guests which will be added to your bill at the end of the season. You can pay for a 1-day pass for one person, a week-long pass for one person, or a family pass for one week:

1 person, 1 day: $5.00       1 person, 1 week: $20.00

The member must accompany the guests to the pool, check the guest in at the front desk with the membership database, and remain with the guests at the pool.