Hours of Operation

The Club grounds are open from 8 am to 9 pm daily. (parking lot and tennis courts).

Swimming pool hours are generally the following. Remember, if there is school the next day, then the pool closes at 7:00. During the months of June and July the pool will be closed for swimming and diving meets and events at different times. These will be posted on this site and in the front lobby.

23 May – 19 June

  • Monday – Thursday noon – 7 PM
  • Friday noon – 9 PM
  • Saturday 11 – 9 PM
  • Sunday 11 – 7 PM

20 June – 1 August

  • All days 11 to 9 PM
  • Watch for early or late closings

1 August – 7┬áSeptember

  • All days 11 to 8 PM
  • Watch for late closings

There are 6 midnight swims planned for the year. Check the social schedule for dates.

Break for swimmers under 16 is the last 15 minutes of the hour, including the 15 min before the closing for the day. The shower rooms will be closed at 9:00 so that the staff can begin their shut-down cleaning procedures. They have to remove the safety mats and doing so presents a hazard due to the slippery floors. Members may swim up until 9:00 but then must leave by the main gate next to the snack bar.


During the swim and dive team’s season (June 15 – July 31), the pool closes on Monday or Tuesday nights in the evenings for special events, such as swimming meets, usually around 4:00 PM. Check the lobby sign for hours. Swimming meets are scheduled on Monday nights and diving meets are scheduled on Tuesday nights. We try to avoid scheduling both a swimming meet and a diving meet in the same week. Saturday mornings are devoted to dual swim meets and they occur from 8:00AM to about 11:30AM. When our pool must host a divisional swimming or diving event, this can result in the closing of the pool for a longer length of time on a Saturday.

Unfortunately, things fail and the pool must be closed until they are fixed. The pool must be closed if the pumps fail (perhaps because of a power failure) for more than 30 minutes, thunder was heard within the last 45 minutes, someone vomits in the pool, someone breaks glass inside the pool area, etc. We will try to post such emergency closings here on the website using the “news ticker tape” feature on the main page.

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