Dive Volunteers

Family Commitment

It takes many parent hours to support this fun and rewarding program. Each dive team family is asked to commit to three volunteer jobs during the dive season (or 1 chair or coordinator job). Most jobs are specifically related to running the meets. Some require no training at all, others require you to attend a local clinic.  Get Involved!

Volunteer Descriptions 


Concessions chairperson

Plans for and shops for food for home meets and the Divisional Meet.  This job can be shared by two people.  This person(s) is the go to person for the dive snack and grill bar during the meets.  You will have a crew of 3-4 volunteers for each shifts.   Time required: duration of meet

Concessions worker 

Sells burgers, hot dogs, etc. and snacks during meets.The earlier shift helps with set up, filling coolers with ice and drinks, cutting watermelon, setting out food, starts grilling burgers and hotdogs. The later session continues with grilling/selling, and helps with cleanup of the snack bar, storing things for the next meet.  We REALLY NEED GRILLERS!!! Only takes 3-4 folks who get along. Time required: 1 ½ hour shifts (5-6:30, 6:30-8)

Awards Banquet Committee

Assists parent volunteer banquet coordinator, put together end-of-season party (organize facility & food, buy trophies, collect $$, etc.). Normally held Friday after the last Tuesday meet.

Wednesday Food Fundraiser Coordinator

Coordinates order for Chick-Fil-A, shops for drinks/chips, sets up and sells food, 4-6PM, on four Wednesday afternoons at the pool before school closes.  Two or more volunteers needed. Easy and fun!

Social Volunteer Coordinator(s)

Coordinate volunteers for Wednesday morning treats and pre-meet snacks.  Coordinate ice cream social and/or potluck dinner, team trip and other fun, team age appropriate activities.


Take photos of divers at practices and meets that can be used for: press releases to publications, end of season CDs and team photo.

End-of-Season DVD Producer

Produce DVD slideshow at end-of-season banquet. Assemble & edit the end-of-season slide-show.

Volunteer Roles at Meets

Dive Meet Secretary

Attends each home meet (5:30 – end of meet) to: manage the scoring process, check dive sheets before the meet, compile meet summary (in league format), and write up ribbons. Keeps diver folders and score cards, and organizes folders and files for the season. May want to attend table worker/meet secretary clinic.

Dive Meet Table Worker

Record and calculate scores for each diver at the meet with three other parents (5:30 p.m. – end of meet). Calculators are available. No prior experience is needed! Easy on the job training provided.

Dive Meet Announcer

Runs the Home meets from the microphone: announces each diver and the dive that will be performed; reads the scores; and, as necessary; advertises concessions! 5:30 – end of meet. Requires familiarity with dives and meet procedures.

Dive Meet Judge

Judge all dives at the meet with four other parent judges . 5:30 – end of meet. Two judges at home meets; three judges at away meets. Attend one training clinic. See the schedule of training sessions here for 2017.

Dive Meet Referee

Officiate at home meets (5:30 p.m. – end of meet), check dive sheets of each diver prior to meet start. 1 referee per home meet. (Usually also a judge at the same meet.) Attend referee clinic every two years, must have at least 1 year prior judging experience.


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