We would like to welcome back the World Pool staff to our 2017 season.  As well, outlined below are their key roles/responsibilities.  Please remember they report to the World Pool Management Team lead by Bryon Russell.  Bryon provides and oversees their schedules, daily activities and responsibilities. Bryon can be reached at

Joining us this year on deck are:

Michael Arcari – Langley HS – 2nd year returning Guard, Pool Operator

Chris Miner – Baylor University – 1st year Guard, Pool Operator

Brian Reilly – James Madison University – 6th year Guard, Pool Operator

Haley Simkins, Guard Manager – Virginia Tech – 5th year Guard

Ian Havasy – Virginia Tech – 3rd year Guard, Pool Operator

Michaela Purdy – Virginia Tech – 5th year Guard and 12 year Club Member (swim & dive), Pool Operator

Jack Buttarizzi Front Desk Manager – returning veteran to our Club

Melissa McHenryFront Desk Manager – returning veteran to our Club

Tim O’GradyFront Desk Operator – returning veteran to our Club

New faces you may notice are: Caroline Dommel, Natalie Gilbert and Farah Haidari

The Guards focus solely on the safety of the Club.  Their primary responsibility is to ensure patron safety and protect lives, including their own.  The most important duty the Guards have in meeting this responsibility is patron surveillance.  This includes enforcing facility rules and regulations along with educating patrons in this regard. Based on insurance, we are required to staff our Club with Guards assuming the Club is at full capacity each day.

When a Guard blows the final 15 minute warning whistle prior to closing time, patrons are required to evacuate the Club.  This guideline is enforced via Fairfax County as a requirement under our Operating Permit.  If a patron does not leave by closing time, yet lingers, the Operating Permit is in jeopardy.  If there is a complaint filed, the Club is fined the first time, if there is a second violation Fairfax County will close the Club.  This includes the Tennis Courts.  Therefore, please respect the Guards request to evacuate the Club in a timely fashion prior to closing.