Current By-Laws: Revision 8 (Ratified June 3rd, 2008)

Proposed By-Laws Amendments: Revision 9


Summary of the Changes for Revision 9

  • Allowing all club notifications to be made electronically to reduce costs
  • Reducing the maximum number of Directors from twenty (20) to fifteen (15)
  • Extending nominating committee maximum term to three (3) years
  • Reducing Board of Director and Officer’s terms from three (3) years to two (2) years
  • Modifying Board of Director maximum consecutive terms from three (3) to four (4) which reduces the total number of years allowed from nine (9) to eight (8) under the new term length
  • Modifying Board of Director Officers’ maximum consecutive terms from two (2) to three (3), which maintains the total number of consecutive years at six (6)
  • Removing grand-fathering provisions for leasers and renters prior to 1999
  • Changing treatment of new member contributions and special assessments in the
    following ways:
    o No longer refundable for members joining after 12/31/17
    o Refunded to existing members when the club is at full membership, on a first-in-
    first-out basis for each new member admitted off the waiting list
  • Requiring background checks for all Directors