Board of Directors - Executives

Committee Chairs


Stephanie Short

Public Relations / Communications

Paula Mosby

Vice President

Matt Carbone

Legal & Insurance

John Adams



Josh Brainard


Tony Maull

Assistant Treasurer

Dorean Kass


Austin Steele


Jason Pareti

Assistant Operations

Mike van Dyke


Kerry Desai

Team Representatives

Board Members-At-Large

Dive Team Representative

Bill Hauda

Dunsinane Court Representative

Jenny Baker Moore

Swim Team Representative

Beth Palma


Tennis Team Representative

Sue Cardenas

Thank You to our Outgoing Board Members!

The club greatly appreciates your years of service. As an all volunteer club, our greatness comes from those who serve.  Thank you for all that you have done!

Vice President - Jay Markwood

Treasurer - Kevin Carey

Membership - Amelia Steiner

Correspondence - Mary Berkowitz

Social - Stefanie Stayin & Shaily Roberts

Winter Swim Rep - Ruth French

At-Large - Joann Catalano

At-Large - Linda McElligot